16th July 2019

16-July-2019 17:40
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by Admin

It is lovely to have many of the horses back and to see plenty of life around the place. We have the guts of forty-five horses back in work and a team of staff that could work in any yard in the country. The horses are naturally just trotting and having light canters around the farm and on the gallops whilst getting grass at night. Many of them have done well physically and mentally during the summer giving us so much to look forward to. We have eight or more horses that were in training last winter who didn’t see the racecourse and will be ready to rumble this side of Christmas. 


The few babies we have acquired over the summer are all schooling over poles and a hurdle in the ménage and will be jumping a fence this time next week before we back right off them for a few weeks.  


I’m sure many enjoyed the the Sunday sports bonanza, Sophie didn’t know I had such emotions. Sholto was besides himself and having to bury his head in the bean bags. My love for motor racing and netball is zero so we only had to cope with the cricket and the tennis. Batteries for the remote control were renewed around 5p.m. 


Luck of the Legion heads to Uttoxeter tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here