16th March 2021

16-March-2021 17:11
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by Admin

Glory and Fortune and Hazzaar are in good nick after their runs yesterday. This morning Polydora and Rosmuc Relay jumped a line of fences, Quick Draw and Hunting Percival a couple of lines of hurdles having cantered around the sand. Neville’s Cross and Algesiras both worked the other horses all had routine canters around the sand or up the hill. 


It is great to see some sunshine just what Tea Clipper wants but not the case for Adrimel. Tea Clipper heads there tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.


Watching Cheltenham without a crowd is just weird, winners walking back in without their owners is such a great shame. I have eluded to the fact owners are all too often over looked. It is not the bookmakers or punters owners are without question the top of the pyramid in racing. I feel for those who will be missing out on the chance of a life time to do so. Many owners have multiple Cheltenham winners and will get the chance again another year, others won’t.