16th February 2017

16-February-2017 19:02
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by Admin

£480,000 top lot at the Cheltenham sales today, I hope for the owner’s sake he is a good one. There are many green eyes monsters in this industry but we need owners like Alan and Ann Potts to keep the whole thing going. I do not know the vendor, but no doubt, like us all, he will have his fair share of disappointing horses and injured ones to pay for too. I would imagine, a large share of the sale proceeds will be reinvested in foals, yearlings and 3-year-old stores. I’m delighted for the vendors and wish Alan and Ann Potts plenty of luck with the horse. Sadly, Storm Nelson failed to sell. It just reinforces the issue with the lower end of the market, the farmer and builder don’t own horses like they used to. The men wanting to spend 20-30,00 for a racehorse just aren’t there any longer. Strom Nelson will win his races but they won’t be on the big stage and that is where many owners want to be nowadays.

All our horse had quiet canters this morning, they seem fit, healthy and happy. The vet was in to trach wash one who has an entry this weekend. It is always a huge relief when they wash clean. It is a belt and braces procedure and one that gives us peace of mind.

I was delighted to see another trainer on the front of the Racing Post today, he’d certainly beats me in the biggest nose contest.

I have received a little ribbing for directness in the Punters Pal article yesterday, I have also been applauded for being myself. A very nice man told me today, it was very refreshing. For those who don’t have take the Racing Post I have scanned the article for your amusement.