16th January 2018

16-January-2018 18:14
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by Admin

Colt Lightning ground it out well at Hereford today, I think it is fair to say the jockey blew harder than the horse. It was lovely to see him win given the disappointment of Warwick on New Years Day. I think he was happier on todays slightly better ground and the fact he wasn’t crowded. As always, we can only hope the win fills him with confidence and he grows up into a man. If anyone was watching RUK, you will have seen, even more so than me, that some of my owners are desperately in need of media training. If that’s the slacking I get for winning I can’t imagine how rude they will be about me when their horses get beat.  


This morning, Triopas popped over 12 fences, he may well go to Wincanton on Thursday. Polydora, Colorado Gold and En Meme Temps worked on the woodchip having cantered a mile around the sand, all the others had routine canters.