16th January 2016

16-January-2016 17:13
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by Admin

Snow on the Black Mountains, I failed to take the picture from the top of the gallop. 


Routine canters for all horses, those that have been away this week have all come out of it bright and fresh. Excluding the on going issues with new computer which now won't open files has been satifactory. I hate change and changing the computer was a foolish mistake. I will stick with it as I'm seldom defeated even if it means I smash it to bits before plugging in the old one.

The debate goes on over whip rules and demotion of those breaking the rules. 

It appears that the ruling is open to legal interpretation. The analogy made in yesterdays Racing Post with the 100 metres false start is a poor one. If you make more than one false start in the 100 metres, you are disqualified. What I do agree with is that racing can not afford to lose the trust of the punters and disqualifying horses whose jockeys have broken the rules will ultimately do just that. The subject of punters opens another can of worms and holding horses at the start for the benefit of punters and bookies is another bug bearer of mine. Owners pay a fortune for their horses to be in training, some trainers live and breath their horses, many months of planning and training can go up in a puff of smoke when a fractious one is made to circle at the start, on occasions for over 5 minuets. Maybe the subject of the whip isn’t as black and white as Sir Mark Prescott and I think. Sophie, will find it hard to believe that I may possibly be seeing a shade of grey. 

Have a good weekend and if you fancy some sledging head for the Black Mountains.