15th December 2015

15-December-2015 15:43
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Michelle, Joe and I rode 3 lots at home before heading to Lambourn with Regal Exit, Unnamed 3 year old by Network and an unnamed 4 year old by Scorpion. The 3 horses worked well, naturally the unnamed horses will benefit from the experience.

All the others had steady canters on the sand or the woodchip. We are still being very careful with what we are working, a few are still suffering from nothing more than a head cold. They are to all eating up and feel a million dollars to ride. Nothing more than a pain. 

A horse in Ireland has been recommended to me from my man on the ground over there – the last one he told me to buy was Bradon Hill who won his first 2 races for us before picking up an injury. Sadly, it is a little too much money for the racing club otherwise I’d have been over there tomorrow. Should anyone be interested in purchasing the horse I can go to Ireland and ride it work and we can take it from there. He won’t break the bank and comes highly recommended. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Singlefarmpayment won on December the 1st, the day the farmers should get their single farm payment. Apparently, the authorities who make these payments are backlogged but it is a lovely coincidence. He, the horse, has made it into The Farmer Weekly. Next stop Cheltenham New Years Day.