16th November 2014

15-November-2015 10:31
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I managed to suvive the weekend 16 people for lunch yesterday, my man cave came to the rescue where I spent a large proportion of the day. The gallops can only be harrowed so many times. 

This morning most horses had quiet Monday morning canters, all seem fit and well. We loose schooled, Lamanver Alchemy, her full sister Lamanver Odessey, a unnamed 4 year old by Scorpion and Sir Egbert. 

This afternoon, I spent more time sorting out admin for The Tom Lacey Racing Club, it is now in the process of being registered with Wetherbys and I've requested a bank account for it. Details of The Club are below and members are now encouraged to join giving me the oppurtunity to purchase horses without sleepless nights.

Racing Club

The Tom Lacey Racing Club is being launched. We are recruiting members for the upcoming season so please contact me if you would like to discuss the Racing Club for the 2015/2016 season. 

The one off payment of £1750.00 for the season includes the cost of all training fees; veterinary bills; transport; shoeing; entries and riding fees. We will work with racecourses to endeavour that club members receive an Owner's & Trainer's badge on race days. There are no hidden charges. Until The Club is established and self supporting all prize money will go back into The Club, after which, any prize money will be divided equally between members. Due to the affordability of The Club it will be capped at 60 members with the aim of 4 horses in training.

Members of the Club will be able to follow the horse’s daily activities on my blog posts each day and receive regular updates on entries, running plans and post-race reports. They will also have the opportunity for stable visits to see the horses in the yard and on the gallops.

I am in the process of sourcing horses for The Club, I was the under bidder on one at the Cheltenham sales on Friday night. Highflyer Bloodstock will be looking for suitable horses at the Deauville sales this week. It is imperative that the horses we source have the right profile to suit The Club. I am currently in negotiations on a horse in Ireland and it won’t be long before the horses are purchased.

The photo below has been used by kind permission of DW Pratt Photograhy - Lamanver Alchmey in the winners enclourse at Warwick.