15th August 2016

15-August-2016 19:51
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Typical Monday morning for the older horses in training, 2 quiet canters up the woodchip. All the 3 year olds jumped in the loose school with blue barrels in place for the first time. All jumped very well. It is the place to hear their wind and no surprise we have a 3 year who will need a hobday. I did have my doubts about him around the sand and have listened to him carefully each day he’s been loose schooling. There is no doubt he needs the operation. How they pass the sales vets is beyond my imagination and I find myself questioning the creditability of some vendors. It is safe to say I will never pull another one of theirs out of a stable.  

The 3 year olds we bought last week are all now riding around the ménage and finding their feet in good fashion. Once they had had a good ride around the ménage they too went for a loose school. The 4 of them seem natural jumpers.

Schiaparelli ex Malindi Bay Gelding

Getaway Filly ex Grangeclare Flight


Lady jane Grovenor's Sageburg gelding

Yesterday was spent at a small one-day event with the kids. They all rode well; I was more disappointed than Panda that we didn’t win gold in the gymkhana. She's as little lighter than Sam Burton!