15th June 2021

15-June-2021 10:26
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Jim Bolger speaking out about illegal drug use in horse racing is causing a stir and rightly so. Numerous people believe that the use of steroid is rife in Ireland. Some Irish trainers results as regard to winners would suggest they have fallen off the edge of a cliff and they can’t all be bad horses, what has changed? Have they stopped something for fear of being cannon fodder for the higher profile trainers. I read Bolger’s interview and listened to him on Nick Luck’s podcast. He says his information is intelligence based from those working in the yards that are believed to be using steroids. Jim Bolger would not listen to idiots. However, this is all well and good but is hopeless without names. Don’t tell me this intelligence has not been given to HRIB. If this is the case the HRIB either need to find those being accused guilty or innocent. There is even a theory that the HRIB bury their heads in the sand and don’t punish those with positives. Could it be a case of “not in the public interest” I have been accused of using substances by the BHA and have made it very clear they can walk into this yard anytime of day or night and test any horses they like. I like, most trainers have employed lads who have left on bad terms, it doesn’t take much working out what has happened when the BHA come looking for me and test nearly every runner we have for a sustained period of time. I am yet to have a positive.


The horses that arrived form Goffs Ireland are now all riding around the lunge pen and loose schooling, they are a lovely bunch of straight forward horses and horses to really look forward to.


This morning we worked Sebastopol, Hazzaar and Yes No Maybe So. Fox’s Socks and Kishorn cantered around the sand before breezing through on the woodchip, the others had quiet canters and You Name Him went off around the roads and tracks. A few horses disappointed last week, Black Anthem was found to have an irregular heart beat, that has now returned to normal and he will run again and Sinndarella ran as if she is over the top and is now at grass.


I’m On Snap goes to Uttoxeter tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.