15th May 2021

15-May-2021 15:14
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by Admin

Heart break hotel again for Sebastopol last night, it was not a short journey home and I was pleased to get into bed. I’m sure many think Johnny got there too soon but I don’t. He jumped the last hurdle in company and just got done on the line. The positive to take from his last two runs is that he is running his races, something he hasn’t always done. 


We weren’t willing to run Johnbb on the ground, the chase track was tighter than good, he will now head off for his summer holidays in the hope he will repay us in the autumn. 


The rain this morning was relentless, our fields are as wet as they have been all year and the rain  looks to be here for a while yet. Those horses wanting quicker ground will sit tight for a day or two and wait for it to pass. 


Ann Marie Phelps was on itv racing this afternoon, I can’t say I’m a fan but it was a least good to see and hear her as she seems to have kept a very very low profile throughout the pandemic, strange that she seems to raise her head now we look to be over the worse of it. She’s not one to be in the trenches with. Her lack of racing knowledge is obvious but she may bring other qualities to the table. Her primary focus is diversity. Racing is not racist, it just does not appeal to many in society. Rather predictably, a lot of noise was made by a couple of individuals this week about the participants in the Magnolia Cup race, both have victim mentalities and should be handed the baton to sort out the line up next year. I can’t believe it is easy to find a number of mixed race individuals, gays, gender nutural or lesbians any of which need to have some level of a celebrity profile, who are able or more so willing to ride a racehorse. After all,the idea is to raise money for charity and some of those chosen participants are better placed to do that than others. 

I will be heading to Goffs tomorrow so blogs will be on hold but I will update my thoughts page for the runners. Have a good weekend.