15th February 2018

15-February-2018 17:52
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by Admin

Interconnected and Port of Mars swung through on the woodchip, all the others had quiet canters around the sand or up the hill.  


We took 2 horses for an away day on the grass, both worked nicely. After they had worked, one jumped a line of fences the other a line of hurdles. I headed off to the Cheltenham Sales this afternoon, I bid on one horse but didn’t buy it, the others were out of my price range by a long way. I am in shock, the money some made was mind blowing. Good luck to everyone involved, it is good for the industry and sets a solid base for the rest of the year.  I just wish the racing pundits didn’t drive it down people’s throats when horses don’t work out when someone has paid a lot of money for them. What people do with their money is no ones business only their own.


Snapdragon Fire heads to Sandown tomorrow, he’s up 7lbs for finishing second at Hereford last time out. Nothing worse than being punished for finishing 2nd. Made even worse by the fact he is yet to win a race.