15 February 2016

15-February-2016 18:20
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by Admin

A mix bag yesterday, Triopas ran very well to finish second, had he not of missed a step landing over the last I don’t know if the result would have been different. He would certainly have won had they not moved the winning post at Barbury a few years ago as he was closing with every stride. I have written about the moving of the winning post at Barbury before. For what it is worth, I think it changed the track and not for the better. Pinnacle Peter disgraced himself and will go to Larkhill a week on Sunday with another maiden. We went out last night for valentines day, I was in no humour for valentines and need to get better at losing or at least leave work at the front door. 



Both horses are in good shape this morning. All others had Monday morning canters. They all seem fresh and well. Kelsey and Furiously Fast jumped 8 hurdles. Kelsey has an entry at Towcester this week, we will wait and see what the ground update is tomorrow morning.

We have several entries this week. Very Intense is in at Wincanton, Lamanver Odyssey Fakenham, Isle of Ewe Ascot and Legal Exit Sandown.

This afternoon, I went fencing with my assistant. I made him drive the tractor into some precarious places before running behind it!