15th January 2019

15-January-2019 16:18
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by Admin

It sounds as if we got out of Austria in the nick of time, Sophie tells me Saalbach was unreachable yesterday and the authorities are waiting on the army to cause avalanches.

Tuesday would be a typical work day for us, after a quiet week last week we can’t go all guns blazing so the horses have to have their work stepped up over a few days. This morning they all cantered various distances on the newly revitalized sand gallop. The majority hacked a couple of miles, others a mile.

I have also invested in a new levelling machine for the sand gallop, Dan and I have spent the last couple of afternoons setting it up. We now think we have it where we want it. This morning the gallop rode as if newly laid. 

Watching Jester Jets Race at Newcastle this afternoon, we made the right call side stepping it. I’d like her next run over fences to be a confidence boosting run, she is back in over hurdles at Ascot on Saturday. I’d like a drop of rain and a little is in the forecast. Robbie will be in tomorrow to give her a pop over a line or 2 of hurdles.  

En Meme Temps heads to Newbury tomorrow, to read my thought please click here.