15th January 2016

15-January-2016 16:50
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by Admin

A lovely, welcome frosty morning.

We took 4 horses to gallop on the grass and all worked nicely. Things are looking good for the p2p season and we have some lovely horses to run and sell. The best bunch yet.

One horse decided to throw his weight around to the point of damaging the box and LRT had to rescue us and bring 2 of the horse’s home whilst Frank drove home a damaged box. It is now in the repairers. Even with Franks appetite it has cost a little more than lunch did yesterday! I invested in a trailer a few months ago and can’t believe how well horses travel in them. VOSA have made it impossible for smaller trainers to have 7.5 tonne lorries and most are now operating more than 1 two box or trailers. Trailers are great but drivers of a certain age need a towing licence and I would need more than one towing vehicle. Whatever one chooses it all costs a lot of money to buy and maintain.

Those horses at home cantered quietly up the woodchip, the young horses have had their work increased a fair bit over the last couple of weeks and have done plenty this week.

I’m now off on the school run……