14th December 2021

14-December-2021 17:30
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by Admin

I hope this evenings blog does not cause the same back lash last nights did. I stand by my comment regarding the media. The only time racing gets wide spread media coverage is when the news is bad. There are so many positive stories to write yet no one chooses to write them.


Only time will tell if the hearing between Robbie Dunne and Bryony Frost was fair. I have apologized to Gay Kellaway and Jo Davis, what I wrote was thoughtless, inconsiderate and open to misinterpretation. To clarify, the horse I wanted Bryony Frost to ride was Thomas Patrick, we feel that our chances with him are limited and thought that Bryony may get a tune out of him. She was in fact jocked up to ride him before Covid.


This morning we worked Tea Clipper, Adrimel, Glory and Honour, Sebastopol, Operation Manna, and Hunting Percival.  The other horses had routine canters around the sand or up the hill.


Tomorrow San Agustin, Neville’s Cross and Scipion to Leicester. To read my thoughts click here.