14th December 2019

14-December-2019 16:47
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Glory and Fortune and Floating Rock are both fine this morning. The race couldn’t have been run at a worse tempo for Glory and Fortune if we spent the year looking. They dawdled around and then sprinted, Glory and Fortune picked up once but wasn’t able to pick up the second time of asking. He ran with credit under a penalty and has some good days ahead of him yet. This season was all about laying foundations and he’s doing that incredibly nicely. He has come a long way since winning his bumper considering we couldn’t get on him before the race. Floating Rock ran a very respectable race finishing third first time in a handicap. Thankfully, both horses are there this morning and will be winning races. 


This morning we worked Lossiemouth, Polydora and Neveille’s Cross. Many horse covered the same amount of yards but in gears slower. The weight watcher, Thomas Patrick put in hard yards around the sand. Thomas is alone in that club at the moment but he’s happy and sound all the same.   


I spent yesterday evening at Cheltenham sales,  the election result may have put a spring in some steps as the prices were again incredible.