14th November 2019

14-November-2019 6:08
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Huntingdon, Ayr and Taunton in three days, the new tyres on my car last week will soon need replacing.  Lossiemouth is a big raw baby, he got going too late and showed little, if any respect for three hurdles. We went to huge expense in getting the new rubber hurdles at home and I wish I hadn’t. Horses learn to rub them and soon realize that they can wallop them without penalty. We are currently looking into sorting that out. The conventional ones aren’t robust enough for schooling and too many top bars get broken. Finding time to repair them isn’t easy nor is it a two minuet job. Alternatives need to be sourced. 


Polydora was running a nice race before missing the third last and it was game over from there on in. He will have an entry for the Welsh National and may just sneak in off a low weight. 


Meep Meep is fine after her run. 


By Order of has a lot to learn. 


The rain is literally biblical. Cars are stranded and roads are closed everywhere, we’ve recused all the children from the schools. Jeeps in these weather conditions are a must have and we are lucky to have two of them, both have done over 150,000 miles but they are irreplaceable to us. A local farmer said he's not seen anything like it in sixty years of farming. 


Unohu heads north to Newcastle, to read my thoughts click here.


It is Sophie’s birthday so I’m off for tea and cake.