14th November 2017

14-November-2017 19:05
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Yesterday was long, amusing and frustrating. However, there are plenty of positives to take from it. Kateson got boxed in on the rail, shoved back at the crucial time of the race and made up a huge amount of ground up the straight giving the winner who had the run of the race 10lbs. One couldn’t help but think with a smoother passage he would have won comfortably. As our jockey informed us, “that is racing”. I appreciate jockey ride on confidence and they need to move on to the next ride not worrying about what could have been. I am not one for bollocking them when things don’t go as planned and like to think I understand. However, I nor my owners need to be told “that is racing”. It is a flippant comment of no substance and jockeys need to move away from using it. It is the second time I’ve been told it by a jockey and if any jockey thinks such an excuse or comment eases the disappointment for things not going smoothly let me assure them it does not. Explaining they were unlucky in running and thanking the owners for the ride would be far more acceptable. The positive is we have a very nice horse to go forward with, Kateson ran an incredible race under the circumstances and is a horse to really look forward to when he goes over hurdles and ultimately fences. He will not be rushed back, he may go to Ascot at Christmas if we get rain and he’s in good health. Colt Lightning will need time and is another horse who will give us all a lot of fun. I read this morning that Katson is still considered to be green by the Racing Post close up correspondent. I'd like to see another green horse make 15 - 20 lengths up the hill at Carlisle between the 4 furlong and the 2 furlong poles.  I'm sure they know best given Tom Scu rode Colt Lightning in a point-to-point in May 2017. 

The journey to and from Carlisle was full of informative conversations and a real education. I know all about the cost of chicken muck, perms and amongst other things my knowledge of dogging has somewhat increased. It wouldn't be fair to name Pat Churchward and no one esle. 


David’s Phoebe hasn’t run a poor race to date and in all honesty has been a lovely surprise. I thought she would win today and she didn’t disappoint. She wouldn’t take your eye out at home and is one of those horses you just wouldn’t know was on the yard. She is so straight forward and a joy to train. She only called in in the back of a trailer one morning to collect another and ended up staying.

Mary Eleanor and Vado Forte jumped some hurdles this morning, Polydora, Colingsby, He’s a Goer, Thistle do Nicely and an unnamed 3-year-old worked on the woodchip having warmed up on the sand. The others all had routine canters.

Sophie’s birthday today so I have the mother-in-law to stay. I need an early night!