14th November 2015

14-November-2015 18:13
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by Admin

We worked a few this morning - Presenting 4 year old, Cirano De Sivola, Beneficial 3 year old, Chase End Charlie, Flemensfirth 4 year old, Network 3 year old, Pinnacle Panda, Hagstone, Bells on Sunday, and Kelsey. Kelsey then jumped hurdles in the menage. All the others had quiet canters around the sand before cantering up the woodchip. 

If getting soaked each morning isn't enough I'm subjected to more of it standing on the touch line watching Sholto play rugby all afternoon. He did score a try and played well so it was all well worth it. 

It is Sophie's birthday today and we have most of her family staying, getting wet on the touch line of a rugby pitch isn't so bad. Most annoyingly, a very important business meeting at Cheltenham tomorrow has arisen, it is unaviodable and impossible to rearrange. 

Have a good weekend and may see some of you tomorrow................