14th February 2020

14-February-2020 16:10
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by Admin

Hard yards around the sand for many, those hoping to run tomorrow had a little blow on the hill. In case you’ve been living in a hole, the weather prediction isn’t great and I’m less optimistic than others that any racing will go ahead tomorrow.


O’Leary has stopped his motor mouth antics and has announced that Tiger Roll will line up in the 2020 Grand National. I enjoy the odd podcast driving up and down the motorway and heard a well respected television reporter refer to Michael O’Leary as having class. O’Leary reportedly wrote him a letter after last years Grand National, the letter was clearly very misleading as he has absolutely no class at all, if anything a distinct lack of it. Thank goodness Gordon Elliot is involved in it all. Gordon has conducted himself incredibly well in what was probably a difficult enough situation. I’d guess Gordon is probably even slightly embarrassed by O’Leary’s carry on. As Gordon said, a blind man would know Tiger Roll would be carrying top weight. 


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