14th January 2020

14-January-2020 19:17
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A filthy day and not one I enjoyed driving to Doncaster in. Certainly the worse driving conditions I’ve had to negotiate this winter. 

This morning we worked Glory and Fortune, Tea Clipper, Sebastopol, Adrimel, Lossiemouth and a number of unnamed four year olds. Polydora, Vado Forte and an unnamed four year old schooled over fences. The Wills’s were here bright and breezy to watch Polydora who entered at Ascot on Saturday.
I was delighted to see Le Grand Fromage run a nice race given we came away from Wetherby very disappointed. One should never under estimate holding ground. Holding ground is one of the few reasons I’m willing to forgive horses a bad run. 
Stan rode out his claim yesterday, he should be immensely proud. It is a massive achievement in this day and age when many owners and trainers want to use a high profile name. I have found using the best available has certainly reduced the number of disgruntled owners after horses have disappointed. Occasionally, we have made the wrong decision for certain horses but on the whole it is so much simpler when you are not having to constantly fight a jockeys corner. Stan will continue to get his chances off us. As his employer, he retains his 3lb allowance riding our horses until the end of the year. 
Nick Rust has decided to stand down from the BHA, I think fundamentally, he’s a good guy and believe there has been poorer leaders over the years. Thankfully, he’s given the year as notice so it is paramount that those appointing his replacement get it right.
Vado Forte heads to Newbury tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here