14th January 2016

14-January-2016 17:45
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For those who live outside the County below is a copy of the article on the yard in this weeks Hereford Times. The Hereford Times is a must buy in this County and incidentially, how we found this farm.

If we get the weather that is being talked about we will all be in trouble. The hardest winter for 50 years is predicted according to some web sites. I always take these predictions with a pinch of salt!!!

After the majority of the horses were exercised at home this morning Michelle, Frank (The Gimp) Tommie and I all headed off with 4 horses for an away day. Isle of Ewe, Sugar Loaf Sholto, and 2 unnamed 4 year olds worked on grass. Ledge and Callum stayed at home to ride the others. I couldn’t have been happier with them, three of them will all soon be making their debuts. Sugar Loaf will head back to Larkhill a week on Saturday and Pinnacle Peter may or may not join him.

Frank wanted some lunch on the way home, the garage on the A419 is now short of supplies and my wallet is somewhat lighter. Tomorrow, Michelle and I will plan a different route home than that taken by Frank as we will be back there with another 4 horses. Franks horse will be handicapped out of the gallop.