13th December 2023

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Sammy's Guarantee and Letthedustsettle head to Exeter today, to read my thoughts click here. 


A New Venture?

I have an idea that I want to put out there. It’s something different, that could result in plenty of gain and fun for little money.

I’m keen on putting together a Value Racing Club horse that everybody can be involved with.

With Christmas on its way, this could be a nice present for somebody or yourself, whilst it coincides with the prestige sale at Cheltenham next week.

The prices of NH horses that look to have big potential are very expensive. After the Coral Cup meeting at Newbury over the weekend, a sale took place.

21 horses went under the hammer, the average price paid was £119,167. The top lot was £200,000.

We spend on average, 20k to 30k on our winter jump horses.

The sale at Cheltenham next week and in January has consistently over the years offered a bit of value as it falls between other sales. So, if we are going to try and spend a bit more, these would be the places to target.

My idea is as follows:

275 people put in £375 Each.

This gives us £103,125.

We then have a budget of approximately £80,000 to try and secure a horse that could hopefully run at a high level.

The rest of the monies would be for training fees.

In the second season, training fees would be £175 for the year all in.

The horse would come straight into training, and we would look to run in January / February.

The horse would be trained by Tom Lacey.

Everything would remain the same on how things are run. Owners keep all prize money and sales, plus receive O&T badges.

Obviously, 275 owners wouldn’t be able to go racing each time the horse runs.

However, Arc racecourses now give 20 badges to syndicates and jockey club courses are not that far behind.

Normal entrance can be purchased, so either way, you could go racing when the horse runs.

O&T badges would be issued on a ballot type basis.

If you would like to go racing, the names of the people that do would be drawn out of the hat. If you got a badge, you would then be excluded from the next ballot and until all owners have had their opportunity to attend a race.

Over the years I have got to know the people that deal with owners at each racecourse. I can obtain extra O&T badges whilst if one of our trainers has a horse running, and they aren’t using the full allocated badges, I can normally get those too.

The process would go full circle, fairly quickly.

We can’t go to the sales next week or January without a 75% uptake of this idea.

If you wanted to secure a place, a £75 deposit would be required now, with the balance after the horse is secured.

If it’s something you would like to take part in CLICK HERE to get in touch. 

The 275 places will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
More than one share can be purchased.

Best regards