13th November 2015

13-November-2015 20:21
in General
by Admin

Most of the horses had routine canters and all the 3 year olds jumped hurdles in the menage having cantered. The rain fell down on us and by 11 O'clock we were soaked to the skin. Late morning I headed off to the Cheltenham sales, sadly, I didn't manage to buy anthing but under bid on 1 horse. The market across the board seems very solid, the foal sales in Ireland this week have been record breaking. Some of the prices matching those paid for 3 year olds. The form horses tonight were very strong this naturally bodes well for the Spring. The only market that seems to have fallen flat on its face is NH breeze up sales. No one has any confidence in the breeze up horses as they beleive they're there for a reason. Often, this maybe the case but those of us that are involved in buying and selling horses need to keep turning horses over and more often that not just need to bring in some funds to aid the cashflow. Having said that buying a breeze up horse would not be on my list of things to do. 

AP has made headlines again with his views on female riders, firstly, well done AP for speaking his mind, something all to often people are afraid of in the PC world. Secondly, I think Nina Carberry could be very dangerous with a 3lb allowance. 

I have had several enquiries about the Tom Lacey Racing Club and apologises for not responding as yet, I just haven't had the time to do so. It will be on the priority list over the weekend. If anyone else is interested please don't hesitate to get in touch. I beleive it will offer good value for money and provide a huge amount of enjoyment for the members.