13th October 2021

13-October-2021 16:55
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I’m on Snap and Quick Draw are both in good shape this morning.


A morning full of visitors, Rick Allen and his mate Adrian were here to see Immortal Fame school over hurdles. Everyone needs a Rick, he gets dogs of abuse and is good at giving it too. Plenty of banter between us all, Tom Bellamy offered him his helmet having received some criticism for his riding of Immortal Fame, or should I say lack of riding. 


Sholto in front schooling Benito this morning, follwed by King Ferdinand, Roger Rarebit and Marty Time.


John Perriss and Len Attrill were here to see Rosmuc Relay and Terrierman. Rosmuc Relay schooled over fences with great enthusiasm and Terrierman over hurdles. John stayed to watch some three-year-olds jumping fences for the first time out of the menage. It may not have been quite so pretty as Rosmuc Relay but we ended up with them all jumping a line of four fences including an open ditch very nicely. Last week we had Doc Martin here watching the babies and this week John Perriss, both owners acknowledged that it is so easy to think that horses just turn up at the races and how easy it is to forget where it all started, and how much work must go into them in order to get the to perform, they really are amazing animals as are the jockeys who have the ability to educate these horse with minimal fuss. Six weeks at the racing school doesn’t provide these skills.  


Should anyone of you wish to buy the weekender newspaper next week, I have this afternoon, done a stable tour interview in there.