13th October 2016

13-October-2016 20:11
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Routine warm up canters on the sand before swinging up the woodchip for the older horses, the 3 year olds all put in hard yards around the sand. One 3-year-old who missed some of the early schooling jumped poles and a fence in the school.


I had my annual BHA inspection today. Naturally, we passed it with flying colours only getting my knuckle wrapped for not having up to date trainer’s agreements. Andy Streeter, the BHA inspector said, if he were a horse in training he would like to be trained here. Given he inspects most yards in the country I consider it a huge compliment and a lot of credit should go to the staff for their hard work and attention to detail. Owners be warned, more paper work for you, trainers agreements will be coming you way as soon as I find the time to complete and post, please return them!  


We are still without a kitchen having had to replace the screed. I have been out for supper more times this week than in a normal year! Sholto finished 2nd against over 100 children cross country running today and Tilly was 3rd in a hockey tournament in Derbyshire. They may not excel in the classroom but hold their own on the sports field. Most important to me if not their mother.


As many of you will know staff get 10 pounds tax free for food and drinks when racing. Only HMRC could manage this. Unless they produce receipts showing they have spent the full amount they must be taxed on it. If they only spend 2 pounds they have to be taxed on the other 8 pounds etc etc. They don’t make life easy for businesses. I am sure racecourse canteens will be well equipped with tills producing receipts. The biscuit tin in most will be a think of the past now HMRC have implemented this rule. The fact is, the lads will simply end up being taxed on the 10 pounds as they, in most cases want an easy life too. HMRC are the only winners in this.