13th August 2016

13-August-2016 18:38
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The 3 year olds jumped beautifully in the loose school this morning. Hag Stone and Isle of Ewe did a nice bit on the woodchip. Hag Stone has an entry at Worcester next Sunday. If we declare, I will walk the course. Last time I visited Worcester, admittedly, over a year ago, there was ground for every horse in training.

Sam and I backed the three new horses from Tatts August, Sam is only 16 and you would struggle to find a better lad to back horses. Sam has backed fifteen 3 year olds this Spring and we don’t have a badly behaved one in the place. Horses function on trust and Sam seems to have a very natural way of installing it in them.

 Schiaparelli ex Malindi Bay 

Getaway ex Grangeclare Flight