13th February 2021

13-February-2021 16:47
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by Admin

The chill in the air was too great to allow any horse out of a steady canter this morning, those who may run early week went three times up the hill, the others bobbed along quietly twice. It is no secret that air at this weeks temperatures will induce bleeding. 


There is little to report, the requests to appear in zoom Cheltenham previews have started to come in. It is incredibly flattering to be asked but impossible to comment on many races until much closer to the time. To that end, I won’t be agreeing to too many until we get much closer to the festival when it is clearer who is going to be running in what race. 


Some weeks are more testing than others, I will be glad to see the back of this one. L’Incorrigible is out for the season and another horse got a bang which has become infected. This is incredibly rare as the infection manifests from the bruising, that horse is now in Newmarket having it flushed and by all accounts we got there in the nick of time as who knows where the infection would have ended up twenty-four hours on.


Roll on Monday. Have a good weekend.