13th February 2018

13-February-2018 18:47
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We worked Sebastopol, Thomas Patrick, He’s a Goer, King Roland, The Triple Pillar, Hattie Hopkinson, Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy, Colt Lightning, The Last of Them, Muse of Fire, Interconnected, Meep Meep and Enchancia. By the end of the morning we were certainly wet. All those fears of soft ground arriving have long since passed. All the other horses had routine canters.




I’m not too grumpy with the handicapper this Tuesday, Vado Forte went up 2, Polydora down 1, Jester Jet untouched, Triopas down 1 and Sir Egbert down 1. I’m still struggling to phantom the 7lb rise Snapdragon Fire received last week, it appears to me that he’s paying the price for a horse who was exceptionally well handicapped.


Liam Treadwell has decided to call time on his riding career, I had the pleasure of using Liam on a few occasions and he rode us a few winners, he is a gifted horseman with a very natural touch on a horse. Liam rode out for us one summer, he was far more than an exercise rider. He soon got to know all the young horses and what, if any, bits of extra equipment they needed and always made sure others knew too. Whatever he chooses to do now, I’m sure he will give 100% and will be a huge asset to any employer.