13th January 2016

13-January-2016 17:57
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The BT saga continues. Our internet worked for about 30 minuets and died again. No doubt we will have to wait another week for the fault to be reported and the engineer to be assigned the job. The computer sage also continues as my emails are playing up. 

All Star Vinnie and Adeene Des Sevres are in good shape.

This morning the horses that ran over Christmas did a little more than they have been and the others all schooled. Nico de Boinville made a guest appearance and helped us out for the morning. It was a dark old morning so picture quality isn't great. Mrs Newell was her to see her Bells On Sunday. In the excitment of it all she locked her keys in her car and had to call for the spare set - luckily Mrs Newell lives locally enough. 

Zac Baker riding Stowaway ex Aine Dubh 4 year old

Tommie O'Brien riding Cirano De Sivola

Nico riding Getaway ex Oscar Road

Tommie - Bells On Sunday and Nico - Milan ex Mandysway

Zac - Beneficial ex Greenhall Rambler

Late morning Kim Bailey and Aiden Murphy popped buy to see the 4 year olds. Kim was very jealous of our location and who wouldn’t be, we live in the most amazing place with postcard views.