12th December 2015

12-December-2015 18:48
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Canters for all horses this morning. This morning’s weather forecast was brutal but luckily the rain didn't arrive in any quantity. I rode out 6 lots before heading off to Cheltenham to watch Net Work Rouge run. Much to my disappointment he pulled up. He had won his last 2 races and I thought he had a very good chance today and was very excited. There is no doubt he will win again but I share today’s disappointment with Mr and Mrs Wills who put so much into it, both financially and emotionally. Today was another reminder of how important it is to enjoy the good days. Winning a race at any level is not easy.

I did get the opportunity to have a walk around the new stands and visit the owners and trainers bar. Cheltenham appear to have done an amazing job with the new stand  but I would concur with Charlie Brooks article in The Daily Telegraph after the October meeting. The real test will come in March. For what it is worth, I think it will cope very well.  I’ve no idea what the attendance was today but there appeared to be masses of room.

At the end of term Carol Service Sophie was asked if she had heard about Sholto and Mr Pearce.

Mr Pearce, the deputy head had been taking Sholto’s English class and was teaching the children about improper nouns. (Sophie and I are unsure of what improper nouns are).

The children were also struggling to understand him. Sholto Lacey, hand in air “Sir, is that like improper use of the whip?”

Mr Pearce commented afterwards “Only at The Elms……!”