12th November 2020

12-November-2020 15:11
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by Admin

Our trip to Ayr wasn’t great but we were not expecting fireworks, Velasco was still there when falling and would have boxed on. Glory and Fortune will be heading for some routine wind tests next week, something is stopping him but we have seen no outwards signs of what it is. Thomas Patrick needs to be revitalized, we will be creative with that before giving him one more chance and Lagonda ran a super race but was just too green. Mrs Newell not not like her horses wound up for bumpers or for any race, they learn as they go and she is no different, she will be winning races. All in all, every horse lives for another day and things could be a whole lot worse. I enjoy my visits to Ayr and will not be put off by a few beaten horses. 


JohnBB and Dorking Boy jumped some fences this morning, Christopher Robin, Tea Clipper and Sebastopol some hurldes.


Tomorrow Hazzaar heads to Cheltenham, to read my thoughts click here.