12th November 2019

12-November-2019 20:56
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Having driven from Huntingdon to Ayr I'm now typing this on my phone. It will be short!

Sebastopol was gulping, not something I've experienced since being involved with horses and having spoken to a couple of people I respect it is more common than I first thought. The general feeling is a tongue tie would stop him doing it again. Horses never stop surprising us and we certainly never stop learning. Quite why he should start this carry on we've no idea. He will be throughly checked over and if nothing sinister found we will tie his tongue down. Naturally, we were all hugely disappointed but it appears we have justification for our upset. Red Nika got stuck in the ground, I think he wants better ground and further. 
Lossiemouth and Polydora are up here with me, Meep meep heads to Exeter to read my thoughts click here.