12th November 2017

12-November-2017 20:00
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No blog for a few days and yes you guessed it – our fibre optic broadband worked for 5 days. I am now back to a mobile dongle which can also fail to work.  A BT engineer was here on Saturday and identified the latest problem. It apparently stems from postcodes. We share our postcode with our neighbours. After the number of repeated and cancelled orders we have ended up with 3 lines. It has caused great confusion and we are currently sharing the neighbours line. As a result, not only have we gone down we have taken them with us. If Ofcom have their way in 2019 we would all be expecting a nice payout. If anyone does have shares in BT I would strongly suggest you sell them asap. They will hit the floor with the proposed pay outs for those who do not receive a standard of service considered acceptable. I could have been a very wealthy man after the number of missed appointments and poor service received over the last 5 months.


Back to business, Triopas has come out of Chepstow in great shape and may well head to Newcastle on Thursday for Friday He came home from Chepstow without turning a hair so we hope we have turned a corner on the travelling. He runs off his old mark without incurring a penalty so he needs to try and make hay while the sunshine’s.


Sword of Fate confirmed what we already knew, he simply can’t act on soft ground. Sir Egbert did a little too much in front, if we had tried to hold him up he may have done too much in behind. I was pleased with him and will look for a similar opportunity in 3 weeks.


I won’t whittle on as I’ve a lot to do as we are off to Carlisle at 4.30 A.M with Kateson and Colt Lightning. Always very difficult to win a bumper under a penalty but he will give it a good shot. Colt Lightning has to step up to get in the mix.


Apologizes for my spelling, grammar. and lack of attention to the time of year.  If I had concentrated at school my headmaster may not of encouraged me to leave aged 16 and I could have been an auctioneer working for Brightwells.