12th November 2015

12-November-2015 16:49
in General
by Admin

Very Intense ran a blinder and would have won had he not wandered around going to the last, I think it cost him more than the 1/2 length he was beaten. We are now at the mercy of the handicapper. I appricate they have a job to do but I do find it most annoying when horses don't get a chance. The horses are running well and we have to be grateful of that. 

I am going to set up The Tom Lacey Racing Club, as I will be bank rolling it in the first instance it will have to start small, I would like to think that in time we can get 4 or 5 horses. It will be a one off payment of £1,750 for 12 months membership. If anyone is interested in getting involved please get in touch. We have some form horse sales upon us and I will be looking to get our first horse and the ball rolling. 

Taunton have kindly put a picture of my first winner in the owners and trainers bar. They may consider putting some staff, more tables and chairs in there, 20 minuets to get a cup of coffee and a pasty isn't ideal espically when there's no where to sit to eat or drink it.