12th September 2019

12-September-2019 18:22
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Lossiemouth, Snapdragon Fire, Dorking Boy, Dorking Cock, Vado Forte, Sebastopol, Tea Clipper, Le Grand Fromage, Neville’s Cross, Red Nika, Thais Toir, Lamanver Storm, Christopher Robin, Saint Arvans, Fair Kate, Equus Amadeus, Flashing Glance, Hunting Percival, Luck of the Legion all cantered around the sand and went a little quicker twice up the hill. Donna Christensen came all the way up from Cornwall to see Lamanver Odyssey and Lamanver Storm. Donna hadn’t visited for sometime so it was good to catch up and be reminded of how much work we have done and continue to do to improve all of the facilities here.


Unless I’m totally mistaken I see the Racing Post as a trade paper and a paper that is going to be bought by racing enthusiasts? I understand that they need to report any unscrupulous behavior and completely support them in doing so. However, the individuals that are responsible for publication seem hell bent on seeing the whip banned. William Buick’s father spoke about racing and the doing away with the whip in Norway. He is as well placed if not better placed than most to comment. He considers racing in Norway to be “boring” and hates watching it. He claims, the winner comes from the front few, nothing picks up in behind and ultimately more horses become lairy. I believe our whip rules are excellent and the only thing that needs changing is demotion of the winner if the whip rules are broken. We are mostly, all adults and have played more than one sport in our lives knowing if the rules are broken you lose. Maybe those publishing the Racing Post believe it sell copies, I don’t know what their motives are. They published a huge article yesterday using a headline claiming a prominent flat trainer believed the whip should be removed from racing and hands and heels races are the way forward.  This wasn’t what the trainer said and today they, the Racing post used the smallest of spaces to apologize for the misinterpreting the trainer. I’m asking myself if this was intentional? Are articles not proof ridden, if so, the proof reader wants sacking as the article didn’t compliment the headline. I removed all my success boxes a couple of years ago and wouldn’t pay for a copy of the Racing Post under any circumstances whilst the current management are at the helm.