12th August 2016

12-August-2016 18:03
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by Admin

All the 3 year olds started in the loose school, not one of them looks as if they will have a problem in learning to jump. More often than not we get 1 or 2 that do not look natural jumpers, thankfully, not this year.

The builders are back on site re-shaping the yard trying to steer the rain water further away from the buildings. Given the torrential heavy storms we have been getting over the last few years more drainage is required. The existing drains just can’t cope. In September last year we had water running through the stables above the bottom bolts. It was the night before we went on holiday - I spent most of it clearing the drains and steam cleaning the barn down.  It was a costly night as we lost all the bedding in 24 stables. Hopefully, it won’t be happening again.