12th July 2018

12-July-2018 19:29
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by Admin

I can say I never been so pleased to see some rain, the state of the ground on racecourses isn’t the problem for us, it is the dust on the sand gallop. This morning showers allowed us to get all the 3 years olds trotting and lobbing around it this morning. Going up the hill on them is all well and good but I think lobbing around the sand teaching them to breath is far more important at this stage of their development. Many took on the water walk for the first time. Ciaran Gethings, who has been helping us out with the babies for a couple of weeks needed a change of clothes. 


Alan and Trea Newell were here to see Free Time have a canter around the sand. Espinator came back in from grass, he was too week to do anything with last season and will be bought through the system with the 3 years olds this year. 


I won’t have to worry about football for another 4 years, prior to the world cup I couldn’t have told you who managed the English team or named anyone of the players. I now know the manager and 2 or 3 players. At least we can watch the men’s Wimbledon final without any distraction from the football, sadly Roger Federer won’t be in it.