12th November 2020

12-February-2020 16:03
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The lunch for the launch of The Grand National weights in Liverpool yesterday was a great occasion which I thoroughly enjoyed. The organizers did a fantastic job, we enjoyed some seriously good singing from Laura Wright, a good lunch and most importantly, a nice racing weight of 10st 4lbs for Kimberlite Candy. Lets hope this wet weather continues through to April 4th.


I think Tiger Roll is thrown in off 11st 10lbs He’s got to carry 11lbs more than he did for winning his first national and 5lbs more for winning his second in canter. Eddie O'Leary's argument against Native River doesn’t stand up, nor does his argument about Tiger Roll jumping park fences. He bleated about giving weight to Native River as a Gold Cup winner, he then bleated some more about Tiger Rolls dismal record over park fences and that he would be entered in the Betway Bowl as an alternative away from the national. A dope like me can see the contradiction in that. I was always told it is fine to think one is smart but don’t take everyone else to be an idiot. There is only one idiot in this, well actually two, they share the same surname. In case anyone mistook the weights unveiling yesterday, they were for The Grand National. Tiger Roll has won two and the guts, if not more than, a million pounds in doing so. Yet they still bleat about carrying top weight in a race he clearly comes alive in. Then of course, the line about Tiger Roll meaning so much to them. I’m sure he means as much to them as their other festival winners who have shown up at Doncaster in the August sales. Incidentally, Dorking Cock got 16lbs for winning two very average 0-120’s and a few thousand pounds. Please leave me alone about Tiger Roll carrying 11st 10lbs. They should be delighted that the top weight is only 11st 10lbs. 


This morning those that worked yesterday had quiet canters around the sand.  We schooled, Lamanver Storm, Lossiemouth, Red Nika, Thais Toir and Dorking Boy over hurdles and eight unnamed horses over fences.


I think, given the weather and storm god knows what it is called will wreck this weekends racing.