12th January 2016

12-January-2016 20:46
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by Admin

All the horses that cope with the sand gallop cantered 3 miles this morning and those that aren't suited by it for one reason or another went up the hill. 

The ground at Ludlow was horrendous, All Star Vinnie just couldn't cope and left me feeling very dissapointed. Adeene Des Sevres ran as good a race as he has ever run for us - he's still work in progress. It was very great to see Mary and Andrew at Ludlow supporting The Racing Club, we will get in the winners enclousure at some point. The sun may need to shine beforehand though.

This evening has tested my patience to the exstreme. My mobile dongle ran out of data. £25.00 used since Sunday night! I bought another £25.00 worth tonight. Voda Fone sold me top up and not data. It has taken me since 6.30 p.m to get it converted to data. Enough said, avoid mobile dongles with Voda Fone at all costs. That way you won't need to work it out for yourself as their customer service representatives can't. 

I'm now too exhausted to do any more than add a photo.....................