11th December 2017

11-December-2017 16:10
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by Admin

We aren’t alone and woke yesterday to 6- 7 inches of snow, by the time it had finished falling we’ve ended up with near on 12 inches. I spent a good few hours on the tractor clearing it to ease the task on Monday morning. Some lads and lasses are stranded but thankfully, some of them made it in by car or by foot today. You don’t need tractors when you have 3 Romanian men. Last night I attempted to drive Fionn home over the hill and got well and truly stuck with one wheel in the ditch, the boys pushed the Discovery out of the ditch and guided it back down the hill by holding the front end on the road!


Naturally, our gallops are deep in snow and the horses with entries at the weekend were the only ones ridden this morning. I put in another walker earlier in the year and today it proved its worth. We had a power cut all morning but have managed to get everything on the walkers for at least an hour this afternoon.


Temperatures are forecast to drop to -12 tonight, tomorrow offers a whole new heap of challenges. I have a great team and we will manage one way or another.


For light entertainment we spent an hour sledging, or should I say mono skiing.