11th November 2015

11-November-2015 11:49
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by Admin

Nothing seems to have come to light explaining Kelsey's dismal performance yesterday. He licked his feed bowl clean and seems happy out this morning. We could of course had him scoped at the races but I'm anti that for the sole reason the scope could have been passed down some other horse that hasn't run as expected and before you know it you've picked up a bug. Also, he showed no signs of distress and as far as I was concerned it would have been a waste of money. We will work him and listen to his heart when the vet is next in. I also think when he runs again we will make sure he gets plenty of light as I think he may have just not liked the hustle of being on the inside and dropped himself out. We agreed to send him down the inner as he has a tendancy to jump left. Back to the drawing board for now...........Just to nail the coffin into a bad day yesterday, I opened the post late last night to find I had a speeding ticket, thankfully, this time I was going slow enough to get the chance of a speed awareness course. 

I am told that Lamanver Alchemy's win at Warwick last week is in the Racing UK moment of the month competition as she provided Noel Fehily with his 1,000 winner. Please log on and vote.Her full siter runs tomorrow at Taunton, Lady of Lamanver.

This morning was relatively quiet, those that worked yesterday had quiet canters and the others routine canters excpet Very Intense who had a little blow. He runs tomorrow at Taunton and steps up in trip.