11th August 2016

11-August-2016 19:08
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by Admin

It was nice to be back with the horses this morning all of which seem in good spirits. Tomorrow all the 3 year olds will start their 7 -10 days of loose schooling before we ride them over hurdles and fences.

I attended a BHA seminar on the new racing admin site this afternoon at Ludlow racecourse. The site seems straight forward enough with a few new additions negating some form filling. I don’t have a secretary and welcome anything that reduces any amount of form filling. It also gave me the opportunity to voice my opinion on the management of the sponsorship agreement of yards. Most yards have a blanket sponsor yet when a new horse arrives you have to confirm it is sponsored. On occasions, I have done so, arrived at the races to find the horse isn’t sponsored. I suggested that any new horses should be automatically enrolled as sponsored unless the trainer or owner states otherwise. I also managed to voice my thoughts on the worth of trainer’s agreements. I’m suggesting an owner signs a legal document when registering as an owner. The document is held until the person removes themselves from the owner’s register.