11th June 2021

11-June-2021 19:20
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by Admin

Goffs sale was just mind blowing, any hope of a soft market was soon blown out the window, the trade for stores was record breaking for yet another year. It does take some working out given prize money is at an all time low yet the demand for horses has never been so strong. We all complain about prize money yet it doesn’t seem to be having any affect on the trade for horses. We were very patient and managed to secure six horses for existing owners, the horses will be split between two trainers and I am incredibly lucky to be one of them.



The yard is quiet and many important jobs are getting seen to. The tracks have all be racked back in, the woodchip pens have been topped up with new woodchip, the hurdles and ditch board painted, the sand gallop dug back in, the woodchip galloped racked back in and many other jobs that have to be sorted remain on the list of things to do.


Baily Gorse heads to Worcester tomorrow to read my thoughts click here.