11th May 2021

11-May-2021 10:33
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by Admin

This morning we worked Yes No Maybe So, JohnBB, Sebastopol, Black Anthem, I’m On Snap, Sinndarella, Kishorn and Hunting Percival. Baily’s Gorse jumped a few hurdles in preparation for his visit to Worcester tomorrow evening. To read my thoughts click here.


Ffos Las was enjoyable, as we didn’t bring home a winner it wasn’t necessarily for the right reasons. You Name him ran with credit and his paying the price for his Stratford and Carlisle runs as far as the handicapper goes. I never had him down as a 114 horse at such a young age but that was his opening mark was and he needs a chance. The handicap system is very cruel when horses such as him constantly but their best foot forward.  Stung for Cash will now make someone else very happy doing another job, he’s a very kind horse who will do anything he’s asked to do. 


The affordability checks that bookmakers have put in place by their own choice seem to be causing a huge issue for those who can afford to lose money. Bookmakers have become a joke, they won’t stand any bets of any significance and the amalgamation of big firms suggests that the whole business is a total stich up. I seldom bet and have an account with a private firm, on the rare occasion I want more than £100 EW it has been refused and I’m told what stake they will accept. The industry should not underestimate what damage these affordability checks will do. I have no need to present anything as my betting habits are rare and small. However, those who do wish to stake larger sums must surely feel a total invasion of privacy and will turn their backs on it out of principal if nothing else. Maybe I am being too simple but, if bookmakers refused deposits from credit cards that would surely stamp out a huge proportion of those who can’t afford to lose. The bookmakers have put these checks in place without government instruction and they have done that for their own reasons and only they know why. I feel that racing is in a tug of war battle with too many other parties all out for themselves. The sooner the industry takes back control under a tote monopoly the sooner we get some solid foundations, currently the industry is sitting on sand! France seem to have it worked out and I not sure why the UK doesn’t. I have always thought better brains than mine run the sport but am beginning to question that. I have never been afraid to takes risks or some short term pain form long term gain. I’m sure there are multiple reasons why it isn’t as simple as I think it should or could be but those in charge seem unable to get us in a stronger position with those who seem to have the control.