11th May 2018

11-May-2018 19:06
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by Admin

Colt Lightning has come out of his run at Huntingdon yesterday in perfect shape. 

I was pleased to see the article relating to stable staff benefiting from enforced break in the flat season has been removed from The Racing Post app. Maybe they read my blog!

Polydora, Silk Run and Vivant jumped 8 hurdles nicely this morning, the youngsters continued their education in the loose school and those in training had canters around the sand or up the hill. The way the races are falling next week we planned to work some tomorrow rather than today. 

We have had 2 new additions to the yard this evening, Goose and Gander. I contemplated having peacocks but didn’t think I could cope with the noise so opted for a couple of geese. I think they will be good for the horses and something for them to look at as they wander around the yard. Time will tell, if it doesn’t work we will rehome them. Dan farms a few in Romania so they are in excellent hands. I’m pleased it was a cold evening as the smell they generated on the way home was punchy to say the least. They will spend a couple of days in their pen before becoming free range. Goose bought 3 eggs with her, numbers may increase yet. 


Jester Jet will travel to Haydock tomorrow and run if I’m satisfied the ground is safe, as is to be expected it is a competitive handicap and she will no doubt run her race as she always does.