11th March 2016

11-March-2016 19:06
in General
by Admin

A very busy day getting things done before heading off with Kimberlite Candy, Furiously Fast, Aspergillum and Triopas for an away gallop. Lamanver Alchemy and Chase End Charlie jumped some hurdles, Adeenne Des Sevres and Russian Service jumped 8 fences.

Annoyingly, Whitfield on Sunday has been postponed, it is no surprise to me as there seems to be a common theme year after year. I wonder what the excuse is this time, it seems premature given the drying weather we are currently experiencing, the going reports up and down the country on racing admin are changing for the better over night. There is more to this than meets the eye, I have heard that ambulances can’t get on the track, how does ever other meeting take place, a tractor wouldn’t have managed at Buckfastleigh last time I was there. The meetings at Whitfield are cancelled or postponed more than any other track I have ever known. Who owns the land? I bet it isn’t owned by a true hunting person. HS2 will leave a bigger mess.

Tomorrow I will be locking the door and turning off my phone at 3.30 for a couple of hours as England are set to hammer Wales on their way to the Grand Slam. Wales have crushed our hopes of a Grand Slam previously, but not this year, I have a good feeling.