11th February 2016

11-February-2016 19:23
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by Admin

Quiet canters for all horses this morning. Chase End Charlie ran creditably under a penalty, what I was most pleased to see was the mental progression in him. He was arrow straight and jumped fluently, clever when needed and aggressive when right. For me it was a positive run. Let’s see what the handicapper has to say. Winning novices under a penalty isn’t easy, I followed 3 horses today with penalties and all were beaten.

Chase end Charlie in the Number 3 spot.

The journey there and back was tortuous. On the way there I made it hard for myself, I was fielding phone calls and missed the M42, I’d gone way too far before I finished the calls and had no choice but to carry on up to the M6 to cut back across. On the way home I was warned of blockages on the A42 and M42 so went via the M69 M40. Luckily, by the time I arrived at the M50 for the home straight a car fire had been dealt with and there were no further hold ups. I got out of the car and did the gallops, by the time I’d done them Frank was back with the horse and we tucked him up together.  

I will be glad to get the late night feeding done and into my bed.