10 December 2015

10-December-2015 17:24
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by Admin

No real excitements this morning routine canters for most. The digger driver failed to show up to start putting the sand on the gallop. Jeremy Swan was in to trach wash the weekend runners.

We were warned about the pace of life in Herefordshire when we bought the farm. No one does anything in a hurry. I was promised proofs of the sign writing for my lorry last week and am now mid-way through the following week and still nothing. I have learnt to cope with it as no one will be changing for me. It is the way of live in Herefordshire and I actually quite like it. I was very embarrassed a few weeks back when a neighbour I had borrowed something off call by to get it back. He told me that in Herefordshire, if you borrow something off someone you don’t return it. When they want it they come and get it and that’s a Herefordshire thing. Incidentally, the builder borrowed it and I thought he had returned it.

Luckily, I don’t go to town very often. My visit to TSB this afternoon reminded me why I don’t. All the children have savings accounts with TSB, Tilly for 11 years, Sholto 9 and Panda 7! I learnt today that all the accounts including my Goddaughters of 8 years are on stop! They apparently need photographic “government approved” proof of ID of the responsible adult. The cashier said she would pay in Tilly’s birthday cheques this once - how very kind.  After dropping my boots into the cobblers I headed for the safety of home. Having left Ledbury I thought I better check Tilly’s paying in book for accuracy. The cashier requesting government approved ID had failed to input the correct digits and Tilly was left £225.00 short. I returned to TSB to take this up with her. She pulled the cheques out of a draw and said “oh a minor error”. I couldn't reframe from telling her I didn't consider it minor and told her I thought it was more a fundemental error, I didn't even get an apology for the innocent mistake or inconvenience she may have caused. My next visit to TSB will be my last.