10th October 2019

10-October-2019 15:55
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Hunting Percival won well yesterday, our task could possibly have been helped by the favourite coming out on the day. You can only beat what is put in front of you and he did it nicely and nothing should be taken away from him. In time, we will send him over hurdles as he doesn’t strike me as a horse to win under a penalty as the season gears up.  He has come out of the race in A1 condition thinking he’s the bee’s knees. He will be back cantering tomorrow. 


This morning we schooled Sebastopol, Le Grand Fromage and Christopher Robin over hurdles. Johnbb, Kimberlite Candy, Sir Egbert, Coningsby, Snapdragon Fire, Dorking Cock and Vado Forte over fences. Richie McLernon was in to sit on Candy, Rick Allen and there’s only one Graham were here to see Christopher Robin. They don’t come much more excitable than Graham, if anyone wants to see the passion a horse in training can conjure up look no further than Graham, he’s living the dream and its lovely to be part of it.  


The other horses either had two quiet canters up the hill or out in some hard yards around the sand. 


I think the rain is in for the next 48 hours yet Hexham seem to be missing it, I’m nervous of their ground becoming holding and will be taking stock as the hours pass. It goes without saying Kelso is a look way from Hereford and we need ground horses can get their feet out of.